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"Clients hire me to help them find money they don't realize they're losing, and apply that money to a strategy which complements their long term goals and current lifestyle needs."

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Clients hire me because I understand the value in making progress quickly. I have a unique program that doesn't make the mistake so often made in financial services-only planning for the distant future. I know that, while long term planning is important, everyone has current financial needs they need help with. My unique program helps clients find money they often don't realize they're losing, and apply it to a wealth building strategy which complements their long term goals and current lifestyle needs. The clients we tend to work with want to become financially independent, usually before age 65. They are business owners, investors and families who are tired of giving up control of their hard earned money to strangers, and tired of relying on the stock market to continuously increase in value. Our clients want more control over their money. They are committed to lifelong learning and know that with the right education, they can find the best solution for their financial wellbeing.


One woman came to us with over $31 thousand of debt to 8 credit cards and the IRS. Our unique Money Organizer Program showed that her current path would take her more than 15 years to pay it all off. But it also showed that our new recommended path not only freed up cash flow each month, but she could have this same debt paid off in 2.5 years.


I love helping people like this.


We help people get organized and efficient with their money so they can minimize the interest they pay and maximize the interest they earn. Our unique process helps build cash reserves, and this helps build peace of mind. This is all part of the Prosperity Economics Movement.


My Name is Curtis May and I am a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I been in the financial services industry since 1985. I became inspired by the possibilities of a career in financial services during my junior year in college.  My role in the field has evolved and  I am currently a financial educator.  I help individuals and families make better financial decisions. We utilize a process that empowers individuals to develop a thought process that inspires self-determination.  Our motto is that what you learn today and how you position yourself will determine your future financial well-being--5, 10, 20 years from today.


My wife, Erica and I have collaborated on our respective businesses for the past 15 years. We work to instill the values of hard work and self sufficiency into our 3 daughters aged 14,12,and 4.    When I am not working my favorite past-time is playing basketball. I enjoy coaching on and off  the field and have coached girls soccer and basketball teams.  Our family enjoys team sports, water sports during the summer and every family’s dream--traveling. My goal for every individual and family that I work with is “How can I save money and live the very best life that I can right now?"


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